Arcam AVR850 gets 5 Stars From Home Cinema Choice

Arcam + Dirac + Dolby Atmos = Match Made in Heaven 

We think at this point it is well established that Arcam produces the best audio video receivers on the market. With this latest batch, headed up by the flagship AVR850, Arcam maintains its lead in the field. Home Cinema Choice magazine of the UK agrees. Notable for its world-class Dirac Room Correction software, powerful and poised Class G amplifiers, top notch electrical design and engineer, this no-expense-spared AVR is a powerhouse for the home theater connoisseur.

*To Be Noted- since the publishing of this review, Arcam has since updated their AVRs to include the DTS-X codec. If you are unsure whether or not your unit (AVR850/550/390/SR250) has the firmware containing DTS-X, please go to this link to download the latest version and follow the instructions for a painless upgrade!

Want a full Dolby Atmos/DTS-X 7.1.4 system? Check out the new P429 4 channel amplifier to expand your Arcam's capabilities.

Keep reading for a few quotable quotes from Home Cinema Choice's Arcam AVR850 review. 

The AVR850 is sonically a tour de force, and the icing on the cake is Dirac. In the consumer space, this is certainly the EQ system that well-heeled buyers should be clamouring for.
Calibration complete and with the Arcam front-lining a 7.2.4 Atmos array, it proved to be the closest I have heard a home cinema come to sounding like a pro theater.
My still-favourite demo disc – John Wick on Blu-ray – was a delight. The Red Circle club sequence is painfully good as you can hear all the delicate details of the violence (slicing blades, tinkling shell-casings) and the powerful impacts of the numerous handguns. Effects-steering was first rate. The musical soundtrack shone, too, with the Arcam letting you hear the contrast between the booming main club and the private room.
To sum up, if you need a Dolby Atmos/DTS:X AV receiver, and you want the best around, this is most probably it. Arcam has made a smart move teaming up with Dirac instead of less-potent EQ systems; and with its stunning Class G power amps, Arcam’s sonic know-how and futureproofed HDMI stage, this is a scintillating home cinema upgrade.