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Positive Feedback listens to the Melco N1A and finds it exceptional.

Originally printed in German magazine HiFi Statement, this is part 1 in a two part review. This part is an excellent run down of Melco N1A when used in a HiFi system with a USB DAC. The Melco N1A completely changes the way that you access computer music. It makes it easier to use, easier to install and easier to main than than ever before. Best of all, it sounds better than any computer or NAS ever could. $1999 US retail, 4TB of internal storage. Find a Retailer near you to experience Melco. 

Melco N1A audiophile music server
Melco N1A audiophile music server

Excerpts from the review: first encounter with the N1A proved to be an acoustically very satisfying trip down memory lane.

...Ravi Shankar's 'East Meets West' sounded noticeably more crisp and clear when played from the Melco. There seemed to be a better flow to the music, and an enormous soundstage opened up in front of me. In comparison, the performance from the iMac/Amarra combination was more constricted, even a little listless, maybe. It also presented a slightly richer bass, but personally I would prefer the airy and joyous enthusiasm of the Melco any day.

...the iMac also didn't stand a chance against the Melco. It only took a few seconds of listening to determine that the N1A provides a more believable illusion of room and space, better transparency and – in this case – even a little more punch in the lower frequencies.

With the Melco, the music just had more flair to it, more suspense. It's more colorful, more detailed and more dynamic. It breathes and lives. The old saying from the age of analogue hi-fi that it is the source that matters most still holds true, apparently. Should this be the end of 'Computer Hi-Fi' for me?

Even if you are more of a music lover than a computer freak, there is a good chance that you have grudgingly admitted a PC into your hi-fi system to play back those tempting hi-res and DSD files. But with the Melco N1A, there is a real alternative available now. Not only is it much easier to use and live with than a computer, it also sounds significantly better. For me the Melco N1A is the digital revelation of the year already!

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