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Blu Mk. 2

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The Blu MkII is a compact, FPGA-based upsampling CD transport which offers the world's most advanced filter technology. Used with DAVE, the combination delivers class-leading CD sound quality and technical performance.

This product has been discontinued.


  • Materials: Precision machined Choral aluminium casing designed by John Franks

  • CD Resolution: 4.1kHz – 705.6kHz (user configurable)
  • Connectivity (input):
    • 1x USB input: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6kHz, & 768kHz – 16 to 32bit
    • 1x BNC S/PDIF: 44.1kHz – 384kHz (upsampled) – 16 to 32bit
  • Connectivity (output):
    • 1x Single AES Option: 44.1kHz & 88.2kHz
    • 1x Dual AES Option: 88.2kHz & 176.4kHz
    • 1x Single BNC S/PDIF Mode: 88.2kHz, 176kHz, & 352.8kHz
    • 1x Dual BNC S/PDIF Mode: 176.4kHz, 352.8kHz, & 705.6kHz
  • Chord Custom Coded FPGA
  • Philips CD Pro 2 Mech
  • HF Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Convection Cooled

User Configurable Options:

  • Selectable upsampling: 1x selectable switch providing three sample rates
  • Dither: On/Off (Only operational with 16bit source)
  • Control options: Manual
  • Remote control (included – upsampling modes not accessible via remote operation)

Technical Specifications:

  • Chipset: Chord Electronics custom coded Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA

  • Tap-length: 1,015,808 (16FS filter)
  • FPGA current draw: 10amps
  • Frequency response: 0Hz (DC) – 20kHz +/- 0.0000001dB
  • In-band ripple 0Hz-20kHz: +/- 0.0000002dB
  • Stop band rejection: -135dB
  • THD and noise (24bit input): -144dB
  • Noise 2.6 uV 'A' weighted: No measurable noise floor modulation
  • Signal to noise ratio: 126dB 'A' Weighted
  • Power supply: 90v AC – 24v AC Auto-Switching
  • Power consumption: 30w
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm (H) 33.5cm (W) 16cm (D)