F500 Series

The F500 series is based around an IsoFlareTM point source drive unit; technology which our Technical Director, Dr. Paul Mills, is reknown for. Our technical team, responsible for the audio performance and mechanical build of this type of driver, have many decades of experience between them. Combining Fyne Audio's IsoFlareTM driver into a rigid cabinet, with a cleverly designed porting system, ensures optimal in-room performance.

Floor standing models in the F500 series use a rigid MDF plinth with large floor coupling spikes giving stability to ensure well-controlled bass performance and further enhancing stereo imaging. Additionally, the spikes can be adjusted from above the plinth allowing easier levelling of the speaker. The cabinets are crafted using real wood veneers and are available in choice of Dark Oak, Black Oak, Piano Gloss Black and Piano Gloss White.


  • Fyne F500C Center Channel Loudspeaker Black Oak

    Fyne Audio


  • Fyne F502 Loudspeaker Black Oak

    Fyne Audio


  • Fyne F501 Loudspeaker Black Oak

    Fyne Audio


  • Fyne F500 Loudspeaker Black Oak

    Fyne Audio