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Why Melco?

Think computer audio is just too hard to handle? Setup takes about 3 minutes and does not require a computer. Worried about losing your precious music collection? Backups are simple, just attach a USB drive to the backup port. Need more storage? Easy, attach a USB drive to the expansion port. Want quick access to new music? Use the front USB port. Want to play TIDAL from your stereo system without a computer? Access TIDAL with your Android device.

Up until now, computer audio systems have been not been particularly user friendly. Deciding what hardware to use has added confusion that most people just don’t want to deal with. Too many software choices of dubious quality and reliability. Added to that, the sonic results are not consistent. It’s no wonder that many people give up on one of the greatest innovations to ever come to home music listening.

MELCO is a plug-n-play music library designed for simplicity and high performance. Whatever your system, it connects easily. It offers up amazing sonic performance and fast access to your entire digital music collection. Hi-rez downloads and CD rips are stored and cataloged, and piped directly to your HiFi system. Best yet, control it with almost any smartphone or tablet. It can even improve the sound of uncompressed streaming services like TIDAL.

Backed by Buffalo Technologies and an all-inclusive 3 year warranty, MELCO is the smart choice for streaming your music collection.

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The Maki Engineering Laboratory Company was founded by Makoto Maki in 1975 with a dedicated mission: use the most advanced engineering techniques available to design superlative audio equipment for the most discerning audiophiles. In fact, their very first product was an incredibly advanced turntable that set the stage for many modern designs. Shifting to computer peripherals during the PC boom of the 1980s, it morphed into what now know as the Buffalo Technologies company. Still at the helm of Buffalo and a lifelong audiophile, Mr. Maki heralds the re-emergence of the MELCO brand, blending technical superiority and prowess with a desire to delight users with the best streaming music experience.

Melco Design & Philosophy

From the beginnings of the N1 project, MELCO has sought to discover what areas hold back the performance and simplicity of streaming audio systems. This work lead to a dissection of every aspect of these systems. The results were conclusive:

  • first and foremost, the server is in fact the actual source in a streaming system
  • standard issue computers generate awful amounts of noise that should disqualify them for use in HiFi systems
  • streaming clients and DACs are very sensitive to noise carried over ethernet or USB, generated by computers, switches, routers, etc.
  • non-audio data carried on the network has a direct impact on the timing accuracy of the streamed signal, which then relies on buffering as a solution, allowing for smearing and loss of resolution
  • mechanical noise in hard drive systems effects the resulting sonic performance

The mission was very plain: create a device that replaces both the computer and server in a streaming audio system. The design would address the both noise and timing issues, and the cumbersome nature of computers and servers. MELCO then methodically applied tried and true audiophile engineering techniques, and few crafty computer tricks, to make a device that excels where other have failed: sound quality.

 Melco N1ZH60 Mk2

Melco N1ZH60 Mk2

MELCO Technology


See how easy it is to have a Melco N1 playing music in your home.....
How to easily import your CD collection onto your Melco. Bit perfect transfer and detailed Metadata for archive quality transfer. Uncompressed flac is the default for highest quality and portability of the metadata. Uses any USB CD loader - ideally a Blu Ray drive with separate power supply.

 Download Hi-Res music from Not only is the process so easy, but the files are CRC checked 

USB drives are a very convenient way to transfer music into Melco - a bit-perfect transfer with no risk of data corruption. USB connections are provided on the rear of the N1, and on the front of the N1A. as you can see the import is very simple.

How to easily create a backup of your music archive with just two button clicks!! Stay safe and do not risk losing your music collection.

Melco creates a backup of both music and data. Restoring both is very easy. It is also very easy to clone a copy of a Melco for a second home.