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Model A1 Loudspeaker

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The Bryston Model A1 Loudspeaker showcases the same design principles as the Model T, while leveraging a more compact, decor-friendly, form factor by including a new premium quality 6.5"woofer to replace the the 8"woofers found in the Model T design. Built to be exceptionally high quality and affordable, new driver designs, enclosure vibration analysis, crossover refinement, and anechoic chamber testing all went into creating an amazing product which brings superior design to the table. A "state of the art"┬Łaudio system involves what some refer to as a "suspension of disbelief". This means the playback system transcends the recorded medium and transports you to a live venue. You forget it's a recording and believe you are there at the live performance. Our goal with the Bryston Model A1 loudspeaker is to provide our customers with a superior level of "disbelief".