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Even More Praise for Bryston's BP-17³ in Stereophile

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 15th 2019

Back in May, reviewer Larry Greenhill tried out Bryston's BP-17³ preamplifier with the phono and DAC modules installed. He had previously review it without the modules, but with the additional hardware he found the BP-17³ "produced engaging, detailed, tonally captivating, utterly natural sound." After Greenhill was finished with his review, he sent the new BP-17³ to Stereophile editor John Atkinson for additional testing and reviewing.

Atkinson's review focuses mostly on the technical testing of the new components. With the base preamplifier, the DAC, and the phono stage, there's plenty to test in a fully loaded BP-17³. If you're concerned with the technical performance of the BP-17³ or have concerns regarding the effect all this integrated technology has on signal response and clarity, then Atkinson's rigorous testing is a must-read. 

His verdict? "The Bryston BP-17³ offered superb measured performance as a line preamplifier. Its optional phono and digital inputs are equally excellent."

Read the full review (with 10 complete measurement graphs) and complete technical data in the July 2019 edition of Stereophile magazine, or click here to view the article online, courtesy of Bryston, Ltd.