Quadraspire QPlus Advanced Earns HFC's Recommendation

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 16th 2019

Quadraspire released the QPlus isolation feet series in 2018, and they've been making their rounds to reviewers and audio lovers since. A different approach to noise reduction in your hi-fi system, the QPlus system uses four individual feet for your equipment rather than a whole rack. This system is a great option for those that don't have the room for a full rack system in their listening room, or those who wish for a little extra noise reduction in their system. QPlus feet come in three different ranges: the budget-focused Evo ($199), the popular Advanced range ($499), and the top-of-the-line Reference series ($1,199).

Ed Selley of Hi-Fi Choice got his chance to try Quadraspire's QPlus Advanced isolation feet for a recent review. First, he tried the QPlus Advanced with a Naim digital streamer, which garnered a noticeable yet subtle reduction in noise. The QPlus Advanced really shone through when used to isolate a Cyrus phono stage.

The effect of placing the Quadraspire feet between the Cyrus and the mains conditioner dramatically drops the noise floor and improves the sense of three-dimensionality that’s present in Annie Lennox’s Legend In My Living Room. It’s considerably more dynamic and spacious as a result...

Selley and Hi-Fi Choice awarded the QPlus Advanced the Recommended badge noting that this is a great alternative to a conventional hi-fi rack, especially for those with space limitations. 

Read the short review at Hi-Fi Choice, or pick-up the April 2019 (#448) issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine for the full review.