Quadraspire SVT and X-Reference Stands Compared

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 5th 2021

Quadraspire produces some of the best hi-fi racks on the market. Instead of focusing on heavy materials that produce low-frequency vibration (and thus lots of distortion) they focus on a light and rigid design. Furthermore, the unique design and materials used in the creation of the racks ensure that your sound system sound (and looks) the very best it can. 

Recently, Mike McClean of Lyric Hi-Fi recently released a video in which he showcases the Quadraspire SVT and X-Reference racks. In the video, he explains the advantages of a quality hi-fi racking system and what make Quadraspire different than other racks on the market. Finally, he compares the sound quality difference between the SVT and the X-Reference platforms, and you can certainly hear the difference. We would suggest you play the following video through your best system so you can get the most accurate representation of the playback.

And there you have it! Though the price difference is substantial between the two stands, there is something to be said about investing in quality furniture for your audio system. If you're ready to improve your sound system with some Quadraspire racks, use the map below to find your nearest Quadraspire retailer.

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