designed around a lightweight, rigid design philosophy. 
The concept is simple – create furniture that looks appealing and heightens the performance of HiFi audio systems.  



The culmination of years of development at Quadraspire, the new X-Reference heavily features phosphor bronze to tune the acoustic response of the system. SVT bamboo shelves are fitted onto Nextel-coated bamboo X frames and isolated by bronze spike assemblies, the X-frames being supported by massive 44mm solid aluminum columns. This “double isolated” design brings heightened levels of detail, a supremely open sound across the registers, taught and extended bass, and perfect timing. Further tuning via optional aids, allows the rack to be optimised for your system. This truly is the best Quadraspire has achieved to date, designed for world-class HiFi systems.

Starts at $1799 per level



Sunoko Vent T

Suitable for mid to upper priced HiFi systems, the SVT represents a sizable improvement over the entry level Q4. Shelf thickness and depth are increased, allowing for more sizable components. Core to the Quadraspire philosophy of sound, mass is kept in check via slots cut through the shelf, which has the added benefit of increased ventilation. The shelves are supported by concave 32mm solid aluminum columns, tuned to reduce resonance optimism quick energy transfer from level to level. The resonance of the shelf is tuned further via brass inserts where the columns make contact. Available in veneered MDF, or solid bamboo to further improve sound.

Starting at $449 per level


Q4 Evo

Designed to prove that furniture makes a difference, Q4 makes improvement to the sound of any HiFi system that is easily appreciated. The curved and chamfered edges of the shelves reduce standing waves and resonances. The undersides are carved with an intricate pattern that further reduces mass and breaks up any remaining vibration. Shelves are supported by straight-sided 19mm solid aluminum columns. In fact, all ferrous metals are eliminated, which has a very positive impact on sound. Leveling spikes are included, isolating the rack from the floor. Available in veneered MDF, or solid bamboo to further improve sound.

Starting at $219 per level