Cartridge Exchange

You Can Exchange Your Old Rega Cartridge for a Rebuilt One!


Whether it’s normal wear and tear or a tragic accident resulting in a bent cantilever, at some point there will come a time you need a new cartridge. Now, you can turn that unfortunate accident into an opportunity to upgrade your cartridge!

In an effort to be more eco-conscious, Rega has found ways to reuse the bodies of the old cartridges and recycle what parts they can and pass the savings on to you! 

Trade-Up and Save:

Aphelion 2 Rebuild exchange (savings case by case)

Apheta 3 Trade-in exchange ($500 savings) $1745

Ania Pro Trade-in exchange ($300 savings) $925

Ania Trade-in exchange ($200 savings) $695

Exact 2 Trade-in exchange ($100 savings) $575

Elys 2 Trade-in exchange ($40 savings) $305

RB78 Trade-in exchange ($20 savings) $165

More Info on the Trade-Up Program:

You have the option to utilize the savings for either acquiring the same model or upgrading to a more advanced cartridge model, but you cannot choose a lower-tier option within the range. Trade-in returns can be handled by you local Rega retail partner, click here to search: If you have additional questions or you're having difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!