SoundOrg TV

With all the changes going on in the Hi-Fi industry and no shows for the past year to keep up with the new products, it can be hard to follow the pulse of the audio industry. That's why we decided to pull back the curtain and talk with some of the biggest names in audio to bring the hi-fi industry a little closer to home with SoundOrg TV. What the inaugural season of SoundOrg TV here and don't forget to like and subscribe to us on YouTube!

Episode 1: Introducing SoundOrg TV

Episode 2: Colin Pratt of Chord Electronics

Episode 3: Max Maud of Fyne Audio

Episode 4: Alan Gibb of The Chord Company

Episode 5: Roy Gandy of Rega Research

Episode 6: Jeff Dorgay of Tone Publications

Episode 7: Phillip Swift and Mike Picanza of Spendor Audio

Episode 8: 2Yu Deep Dive with Colin Pratt

Episode 9: Kurt Fegraeus and Aston Martin

Episode 10: Ashton Wagner of Rega Research

Episode 11: Simon Crossley of McLaren Automotive

Episode 12: Eddie Spruit of Quadraspire