F1 Series

The F1 series represents the pinnacle of Fyne Audio's long-standing audio experience and engineering expertise. This no-compromise series of high-end transducers hone cutting edge point-source loudspeaker technology to define what is currently possible. Designed, manufactured, hand-finished and tested at Fyne's HQ and manufacturing facility in Glasgow, the F1 series represent state of the art UK loudspeaker design.

The truly unique design and innovative feature list is second to none. From the massive machined metal plinths to the intricate burr walnut inlay on the front and top of the wood-finish cabinets, every element of F1 loudspeakers has been meticulously considered to ensure stunning audio performance and exquisite aesthetic appeal.

Bristling with many of Fyne Audio's patented technologies, the no-compromise F1 specification includes top-of-the-range Isoflare™ point source drivers, twin cavity reflex loading and Fyne's signature BassTrax™ Tractrix profile LF diffuser system. The heavyweight machined aluminium plinth provides exceptional stability for the high-density pressed birch plywood cabinet, which is extensively braced and finished to bespoke furniture standard throughout. Finishes include traditional deeply lacquered walnut veneer with plinth top.

  • F1-8

    Fyne Audio


  • F1-5

    Fyne Audio


  • Fyne F1-12 loudspeaker in Traditional Walnut

    Fyne Audio


  • Fyne F1-10 loudspeaker in Traditional Walnut

    Fyne Audio