Fyne FS6 Stand

Fyne Audio

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The FS6 stand ensures optimum rigidity for the F500SP standmount loudspeakers. Including a unique cable management system, the rigid steel top plate leads to a contoured aluminium mass loading central column.
User Manual:
Fyne FS8 Manual

Designed for the F500SP, the FS6 stand ensures optimum support for any small footprint compact loudspeaker. The heavy steel top plate is the perfect fit for the F500SP but remains wide enough for a number of standmount loudspeakers to take advantage of the FS6 stand design and benefits. The contoured central column is extruded from heavy gauge aluminium and can be further mass loaded to improve damping. The chunky aluminium plate lower plinth takes its design cues from the F500 SP floorstanding models, integrating top adjustable spikes, knurled lock rings and machined aluminium cups to protect hard floors.