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Kii 3 White Gloss

Kii 3 Speakers

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Kii 3

Basic acoustics tells us that a classic box speaker only directs sound towards the listeners from the midrange up while bass frequencies are radiated all around. The frequency where this change happens depends on the size of the box front (the “baffle”). The smaller the baffle, the higher the frequency at which bass is still radiated all around instead of directed towards the listener.

That in short is why big speakers have so far delivered much more precise timing and detail in the bass and low mids than small speakers: the room gets less chance to interfere. And that is what Kii has now managed to make a compact speaker do.


Technical Specification

Compact DSP controlled monitor speaker
4x 6.5" woofer, 
1x5" midrange, 
1" waveguided tweeter, all individually driven
Amplification: 6 x 250W full-custom NcoreActive Wave Focusing
crossover filter

Frequency response: +/- 0,5dB - 25 kHz, 20Hz -6dB
Phase response: minimum (best possible time coherence).
Long term SPL(*): 105dB
Short term SPL(*): 110dBPeak
SPL: 115dB
Controlled Directivity: 4.8dB (80Hz - 1kHz, slowly rising thereafter)
Size: 20x40x40cm, 8"x16"x16" (WxHxD)
Weight: 19 KG
Inputs: Analogue, AES/EBU
Selectable correction for free-standing, near wall or in corner

Register your product and extend your warranty to 5 years for free!(This extension is strictly limited to the original owner and non transferable)

Connector panel from left to right:

XLR Input - this can provide either analog or digital Input depending how the select switch is set
Select switch (3 positions) - chooses between AES left channel / Analog / AES right channel Input
KiiLink Digital Input on CAT5 - used to connect the two speakers & future Kii products
KiiLink Digital Thru on CAT5 - used to connect the two speakers when using a single AES Input
Boundary switch - can be set to 16 positions between free / wall / corner to optimize setup
Contour switch - provides flat setting + 14 different preset EQ curves to match the listeners taste


 A short film about the Kii Three loudspeaker system
John Darko video review

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Kii COntrol


Overview of the Kii Control

Only connect your analog source, CD player/drive, server, streamer, TV set or set top box to enjoy a breathtakingly audiophile full range system in a stunningly small footprint.

The Kii CONTROL offers three additional digital inputs for the Kii THREE:Coax SPDIF, Optical TOSLINK and USB (up to PCM 24/384kHz and DSD64/DSD128 on USB).

All inputs are located on the backside connector panel and can be activated with the touch buttons located around the volume knob. A dedicated input button (labeled XLR) will switch to the existing hardware input on the speaker itself, which you can continue to use as analog or digital input. The Kii Control connects with a single included CAT6 cable and is also powered through this connection. No additional power supply is necessary.Most importantly the Kii CONTROL enables lossless volume control inside the DSP of the Kii THREEs, keeping the signal path of the system as transparent as possible.

The big volume knob also offers mute or dim functions and manual power on/off (standby). A dedicated touch button provides direct access to up to six user definable presets.

The menu navigation and OLED display vastly expand the options of the Boundary and Contour settings, while also providing access to more advanced system settings, including amongst others for example manual power on/standby, LED brightness, DIM function and limiter indication.

The main functions like volume, source and mute can be remote controlled via your IR Remote (RC5 type or Apple Remote).


Technical specifications

Ultra compact controller/preamp/USB Interface for Kii THREE Loudspeaker.

Additional Audio Inputs:
1 x USB (up to PCM 24/384kHz and DSD64/DSD128)

KiiLink Output: Power and Data Connection to Kii THREE Master speaker

Capacitive Touch Buttons:Direct Source Access (SPDIF, TOSLINK, USB, XLR)
Preset (up to 6, user definable)

Full Color OLED Display

Size: 4.3 x 1.9 x 6.2 Inches (W x H x L)

Weight: 1 Lb

(We have tested the USB input with streamers and servers from INNUOS, Melco, Lumin, Aurender and Auralic with excellent results.)


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BXT Module

Coming Q4 2018


The BXT is an extension module which turns the Kii THREE into a veritable floor standing loudspeaker with 16 additional drivers and a total of 7000 Watts.



BXT Bass Modules - more information coming soon

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