What Makes for a Great Audio Company? Great products come from great companies.


You know a great audio product when you touch it, hear it, feel it. You know the difference immediately. You can feel the difference. So, what makes for a great audio company?

In the high performance audio business there are a lot of flashy products. Sometimes they unfortunately have little substance. We call those “audiophile jewelry.” Looks good, may work good and sound good – but nothing is really great. And certainly those products are not amazing. For your money, you deserve amazing! A great audio company delivers amazing.

Think about it. An electric kettle does what it does; boil water. You don’t worry about the handle or what the top looks like or the shape of the kettle. It just does what it does perfectly, time after time after time.

Audio is the same. It either sounds amazing or it doesn’t. How it looks is secondary.

Great Audio Companies Have Common Traits

The mark of a great audio company is actually simple: research, engineering and support. These ingredients make for the very best audio products. The most important of these, boring as it may seem, is engineering. It’s what sets amazing high performance audio products apart from good ones. It’s the heart of great audio companies.

Engineering affects everything – from product design to manufacturing to support. Quality engineering makes the best sounding high performance audio gear. A great audio company engineers first. Bling last, if at all.


Rega has been making turntables since 1973 with a keen focus on performance and quality. One of Rega’s most prized awards is not from the audio industry. It's for “excellence in the field of aluminum die casting,” in the engineering of their famous tone arms. Rega provides a higher level of engineering than most other turntable makers. It’s their passion. Read more about Rega.

ProAc has remained stead fast in its approach to engineering, never veering into the abyss of "magic fairy dust". The product is serious in its performance. Without any of the mumbo-jumbo so often associated with high-end speakers. It makes for honesty in intent and result, and their speakers have an old-school charm that highlights this no nonsense approach. Read more about ProAc.

Practice Makes Perfect

DALI Rubicon Series | Sound Orgnaisation
DALI Rubicon Series | Sound Orgnaisation

In some cases, it’s not about doing the same thing over the years, but about constant improvement. Engineering improvement. DALI builds incredible speakers and makes them better each year. They starting as the house brand for a major audio retail chain in Scandinavia. Today DALI steadfastly looks at the needs of its customer for inspiration. They focus on design and engineering. It’s kept them at the top of European speaker makers for more than 30 years. Read more about DALI.

Sometimes simplicity isn't an option, sometimes you need to be first to the party. Arcam gets this. They have a commitment to developing new technologies in audio and video. They extracting top notch sound quality, where others settle for mediocrity. Staying on top of technological developments takes serious effort, and Arcam has done just that, year after year. Read more about Arcam.

SoundOrg, The American Knowledge and Support System

American consumers have sometimes been hesitate to buy European audio products. They fear that they won’t get the same support they get from American companies. That’s where The Sound Organisation and its U.S. dealers come in.

We look for proven, real world companies that are well-established organizations. They bring something very interesting to the table. We value those who make homegrown components. That source from local suppliers with similar passions for quality - authentic, genuine, superior.

When you meet the people who run these audio companies. There is no pretense. They are as authentic as the products they produce. These companies have faces and lives. They are not just widget makers. That’s how we run SoundOrg, too. Our mission is to provide these products and expert support to the American specialty market. We think our retailers are as special as our manufacturers, and it’s our sincere pleasure to bring them together for the ultimate benefit of the discerning consumer.

Bottomline? Judge the product by the company and the company by their products. Great companies make amazing products.