The Rega IO Amplifier: Affordable & Advanced

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 9th 2024

All Home Cinema shared their thoughts on the Rega IO Amplifier and we’re here to give you the run down. This lower prices amplifier packs some of Rega’s best tech inside.The Rega IO is … read more

Premium Pairing: The Rega Naia & Aura Phono Stage

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 9th 2024

AV Forums recently reviewed the Rega Naia and the Aura Phonostage. These two powerhouses are designed like no others and produce incredible sound. This reviewer decided to configure a s … read more

The Best Turntables of 2023

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 5th 2024

2023 may be over now, but as we begin the new year we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the best turntables of last year. These turntables were the peak of design and technology. … read more

Rega Unleashes the Naia

Posted by The Sound Org on Dec 6th 2023

The Rega Naia is here and it’s ready to play by different rules. What started as a one of one, unaffordable dream machine eventually evolved into a feat of technology and engineering only Rega could p … read more

The Ultimate Turntable: The Rega Naia

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 1st 2023

What Hi-Fi published their review of the ultimate Rega turntable: The Naia. Dating all the way back to 2009, the original Naiad began as an experiment to push the envelope in terms of low ma … read more