The Refreshed Rega Elex MK4 Amplifier

Posted by The Sound Org on Sep 29th 2023

Rega recently updated their middle model their range of amplifiers. The Elex MK4 is here and here’s a breakdown of what customers can expect from this refreshed amplifier.In terms of looks a … read more

HiFi Pig Reviews the Rega Elicit MK5

Posted by The Sound Org on Sep 18th 2023

HiFi Pig recently took an in-depth look at the Rega Elecit MK5 Integrated Amplifier. This comes in as the latest iteration of their line of integrated amplifiers and packs quite the punch in … read more

Rega's Announcement: New Aya Floor Standing Speakers

Posted by The Sound Org on Sep 6th 2023

Rega is back with a new product that’s been ten years in the making.The British based hi-fi experts at Rega announced the all new Aya floor standing speakers. These came as a surprise launch since Reg … read more