Hugo M Scaler

Chord Electronics

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Using technology first seen in the flagship BLU MKII, the Hugo M Scaler is a standalone upscaling device containing the world's most advanced digital filter. When used with a dual-BNC-input Chord Electronics DAC, it redefines digital audio quality.
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  • Chord Custom Coded FPGA
  • Over 1 million Taps
  • Upsampling to 768kHz
  • USB Input
  • IR Remote Control Included
  • Convection Cooled
  • Solid Aluminun chassis
  • Optical input and output
  • 2x BNC S/PDIF Input
  • Dual DAta Mode BNC O/P
  • BNC S/PDIF Output

Technical Specifications:

  • FPGA: Xilinx XC7A200T

  • Filter tap length: 1,015,808 WTA taps (16FS filter)

  • Dimensions: 4cm (H) 23.5cm (W) 23.8cm (D)

  • Weight: 2.55kg

  • Connectivity (input): 1x Galvanically isolated Type-B USB, 2x Coax BNC and 2x Optical

  • Connectivity (output): 1x Galvanically isolated dual BNC (enables upscaling to the maximum 768kHz), 1x BNC S/PDIF and 1x Optical

  • PCM support: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 358.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6 and 768kHz – 16 to 32bit

  • Driver support: Driverless with Mac OS X and Linux, driver required for Windows OS

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