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ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid from The Chord Company is an advanced hi-fi contact cleaner.

This contact treatment was initially developed by an industrial chemist and Andante Largo in Japan and consists of a Polish and Polymer. After testing over 500 different variations, the final formulation was selected. It outperformed the other formulations musically and has been proven to deliver long term stability of very low voltage connections. The Polymer fluid is water based rather than oil based (so non-toxic) and performs consistently over all connection types, voltages and frequencies.

Obviously there are a lot of contact enhancing products on the market. The major difference with the Chord Ohmic transmission fluid is that it starts to work at very low voltage thresholds and when applied carefully has a very long operational life. The original long-term test cables that were built and treated over four years ago are still significantly outperforming an identical (but untreated) pair of cables built at the same time


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