Chord C-ScreenX Speaker Cable Featured in Hi-Fi Choice

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 6th 2021

The Chord Company recently updated their C-Screen speaker cable with their proprietary dialectric material. The new XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) acts as a protective cover to the internal shielding while also serving as insulator for the cables. While Chord developed their patented Taylon dialectric for use in their most premium cables, the cost of the material made it too expensive to use in the more affordable lines. Chord had long used PTFE insulation for these lines, but after discovering the new performance and possibilities of the XLPE material they began to upgrade all the cables to use the new material. The Chord C-ScreenX is the latest to undergo this performance-enhancing metamorphosis. And now, Hi-Fi Choice has had the opportunity to try it out.

Trying out new accessories for their Choice Extras section, Hi-Fi Choice decided to try out the Chord C-screenX speaker cable. After a brief review of the state of speaker cables in the industry, the reviewer begins to break down what makes the C-screenX a great addition to your line-up. First up is the flexibility of the cable. As 9mm in diameter and the flexibility of the XLPE material, the C-screenX can easily make turns and curve around corners without damaging the internal wires. Additionally, the white color of the sheath doesn't stand out and take away from the rest of the system. In regards to bulky, stiff, brightly colored competitors, the reviewer points out: "I've never understood the appeal of speaker cables that are thicker than drain pipes with a luridly coloured outer sheath; I'd rather mine were as slim, subtle and unobtrusive as possible (sonically and visually), so C-screenX fits this bill."

Moving on to sound quality, the author has many great things to say about the C-screenX:

C-screenX has a smooth, balanced sound with just a touch of sparkle in the upper midband to liven up dull systems, without ever veering into brightness. It's good rhythmically, with an easy musicality that lets things ebb and flow nicely. Dynamics are decent too; it certainly doesn't sit on them and carries the force of high energy music well.

Though they found the cable isn't completely perfect, with some slight loss of fine detail and some imprecision in the midband compared to more expensive speaker cables, the value of the C-screenX was indisputable. Awarding the C-screenX 5 stars and the Hi-Fi Choice Recommended badge, the reviewer states, "if you're after an affordable, fine-sounding, no-nonsense loudspeaker cable, then here it is."

Read the full review here courtesy of Chord Electronics and Hi-Fi Choice