Chord Mojo 2 Wins "Product of the Year" for a Second Time

Posted by The Sound Org on Dec 5th 2023

The Chord Mojo 2 has been named the best DAC “Product of the Year” by What Hi-Fi. This earns the Mojo the title for “Product of the Year” for the second time after first claiming the win last year. Let’s revisit this stellar DAC an what makes it so great.

The Chord Mojo 2was the long awaited sequel to the discontinued “Mobile Joy” that was first introduced in 2015. Although the looks appeared to be very similar, the technology inside confirmed the greatness of the product.

Chord claimed that the Mojo 2 was the world’s first lossless digital processor. This allowed for an array of new features for the Mojo 2 including tonal adjustments across frequency ranges and a crossed that produced a more spacial soundstage. The result was a more mature sound from the Mojo that allowed it to transport listeners to new atmospheres in sound. It’s crisp, full of character, and attention grabbing.

It is obvious that the Chord Mojo 2 is still deserving of the title of best DAC even for a second year due to the pure performance and technology advancements. What Hi-Fi gave it scores of 5 for Sound, 5 for Features, and 3 for Design. It’s a feat of design and engineering.

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