Chord Shawline: 3 Stellar Reviews

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 4th 2019

In case you were unsure if the Chord Shawline cables would really improve your system, we've collected three great reviews from the past year that should erase all doubt. The Chord Shawline was released in 2016 and has been steadily growing a following ever since. The Shawline are one of Chord's mid-level product lines, filling the spot above the C-series and Clearway series, but not as high-end as the Epic, Signature, Sarum T, and reference ChordMusic lines. 

Chord Shawline cables use the same Tuned ARAY technology as Chord’s award-winning Sarum Tuned ARAY cable line. This Tuned ARAY technology allows you to hear the music and the hi-fi equipment, giving the listener a fantastic mixture of transparency and musical coherence, at a great price that's hard to beat. But, as with many products on the market, you might be wondering just how good these cables actually are. To help make the case, we've collected three great articles that show that these Shawline cables are worth your investment.

  1. Hi-Fi+ / The Absolute Sound Review Shawline ShawCan in the Ultimate Headphone Guide
    This special summer edition of the Ultimate Headphone Guide from the Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi+ reviews the best equipment for private listening. The ShawCan is the newest addition to the Shawline series, engineered specifically for getting the best performance out of your headphones. "Chord Company’s focus on mechanical details is matched by their attention to musical detail retrieval. The ShawCan cable is strikingly resolute, especially considering its comparatively modest price." (Reproduced courtesy of Chord Cables and The Absolute Sound.)


  2. Shawline Power Mains Cable Earn's Hi-Fi Choice's Recommended Badge
    In this review, Hi-Fi Choice gives the Shawline Power Cable the coveted "Recommended" badge. (Reproduced courtesy of Chord Cables and Hi-Fi Choice.) "I connect the Shawline to my phono stage preamp and there is no real evidence of mains-borne interference – something I am often aware of when using standard ‘kettle leads’."

  3. Shawline Scores High in Cable Loom Test by Hi-Fi Choice
    Oftentimes, it may be hard to notice the advantages of using a new cable when using inferior cables elsewhere in your system. To avoid this problem, Hi-Fi Choice decided to do a group test of cable looms in a sound system. Hi-Fi Choice staff used cables from the same manufacturer/brand line to get the most noticeable results and then reviewed and compared the cables. The Recommended Shawline Cables scored an overall 4 1/2 Stars. "The headline point about this dynamic duo, however, is that you can put any type of music through it and it’s still enjoyable." (Reproduced courtesy of Chord Cables and Hi-Fi Choice.)

Still not convinced Chord Shawline cables are right for you? Visit one of our retail partners and listen to the cables yourself! We're sure once your ears witness the performance and clear sound quality from Chord cables, you will wonder why you didn't switch to Chord cables sooner!