ChordMusic Named Top Interconnect Cable of 2018 by HiFi+

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 19th 2018

Chord Company's ChordMusic has been awarded the Interconnect Cable of the Year for 2018 by HiFi+. ChordMusic cables combine advanced shielding, Chord's exclusive Taylon® Insulation, expertly engineered connectors, and the famed Super ARAY conductor technology. All of this combines to create a cable that carries the signal as accurately as possible, greatly increasing the sound and experience of your system. 

Tonally and speed-wise the music was presented differently enough that I could almost believe I was listening to alternative mixes of material on my current playlist. The ChordMusic was immediately bigger, the music more ambient and reverberant, and had a slightly darker overall tonality. But it was powerful, very delicate when it needed to be, and carried impressive weight and strength of delivery

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