Client Review of the Chord Sarum Speaker Cables

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 15th 2018

Originally Published March 14, 2018


Last night I found myself conducting The Nutcracker while listening, something I would ordinarily do only with hidden vigor at an exceptional live performance. Adding the Sarum T speaker cable to my Naim/PMC system has been a revelation regarding the "P" in "PRaT". Pace is so much improved as the amplifier's dynamic energy is delivered without loss, smear, or omission. Even full orchestra and chorus (Nelsonmesse, Carmina Burana) are delivered with all the instruments timbrally correct and the weight and spacing of the voices fully revealed. It's no surprise then that small group harmonies (CSN, Hollies) are fully realized and demonstrate the capabilities and range of the artists. Information previously scrubbed by the inferior dielectric of lesser cables is there, revealing subtle expression in the early Dylan harmonica play. I love it! - Parker K.

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