Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 23rd 2018

Higher Fidelity - Tone Audio's Review of the Dali Rubicon 2 Speakers

Bailey Bernard's review of DALI's Rubicon 2 bookshelf speaker:

     "The end of “Master Song,” the second track on Leonard Cohen’s breakout 1967 album, Cohen’s pursing lips sound eerily present through the 1.1-inch soft dome tweeter of DALI’s two-way Rubicon 2 speakers. This remarkable tweeter reveals all the imperfections and detailed character of this vinyl pressing. Similarly, on “The Stranger Song,” the speakers’ 6.5-inch drivers pick up several mic pops—as Cohen hits phrases like “plays for shelter” and “holy game of poker”—doing so with jarring airiness, a result of the DALI speakers portraying this rough but rich recording with loads of nuance and clarity."

     "Further illustrating the low-frequency capabilities of these speakers, Wilco's Whole Love on vinyl is an almost techno-sounding amalgamation of strong beat with orchestral strings, electric guitar, amplified piano, and all sorts of trippy effects and tiny electronica noises bouncing around the soundstage. The little DALI speakers capture this big and complex recording with laudable deftness, casting a broad soundstage that extends well into the listening area and is ripe with detail..."

     "...the $2995 DALI Rubicon 2 certainly hold their own. Their most noteworthy characteristics are their clarity, accuracy and broad frequency response, with an especially noticeable bass response for their size."

     "...these speakers can really sing and fill a reasonable amount of space with extremely satisfying music."

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We love this compact bookshelf speaker. With DALI proprietary SMC woofer technology and hand-built crossovers, this bookshelf model sits amongst the very best speakers available. Amazing clarity, startling dynamics, and an uncanny ability to deliver the goods musically. Its real wood veneer and handsome cosmetics speaks volumes about the build quality, inside and out. Built in Denmark by skilled craftsmen, DALI leaves no stone unturned in its quest for ultimate sound quality, bring to bare its 35+ years of experience and massive manufacturing capabilities.