Hi-Fi Choice Recommends Chord ClearwayX Speaker Cable

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 6th 2020

Quality speaker cables are one of the best ways to improve the sonic performance of any pair of speakers, regardless of the system they're used in. By reducing the amount of distortion from sub-par materials, shielding from electromagnetic interference and increasing contact surface area, high-end speaker cables can make your system sound better than ever before. The Chord Company specializes in making cables that allow your system to shine, and their newly upgraded ClearwayX cable is the perfect way to hear the difference Chord cables can make.

For those familiar with The Chord Company's higher-end lines like the ChordMusic, Sarum T, or Signature cables, they'll be happy to learn that Chord ClearwayX speaker cable can be had for a very affordable price of $20 per meter plus termination. The ClearwayX was formerly known as the Clearway, but after some material upgrades, was recently released under a new moniker. Chief among the upgrades was the use of the XLPE insulation material over the previous FEP. This new Cross-linked Polyethylene dielectric offers significantly improved insulation that has a profound effect on the cable's performance, creating a sonic neutrality and removing unwanted tonal coloration stemming from lower-quality insulation materials.

In their review of the Chord ClearwayX, Hi-Fi Choice found that the cables brought forward a wide and deep soundstage in the test medium and had no problem in driving the speakers. When playing classical pieces, the ClearwayX offered tight bass control and allowed the intricacies of the arrangement to come forward and shine. Moving from instrumental pieces to vocal performances, the ClearwayX kept the voice powerful without adding harshness or distortion. In the end, Hi-Fi Choice gave the Chord ClearwayX 5 stars and the coveted Recommended badge stating:

"In short, the ClearwayX is a great screened loudspeaker cable at the price and it works well across a wide range of different musical genre."

Read the full review here courtesy of The Chord Company and Hi-Fi Choice