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Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 14th 2021

The past year has been tumultuous for every industry, and hi-fi is no exception. On one end, there's been no audio shows or retailer visits for the better part of the year, and on the other end there have been massive manufacturing and shipping delays. Meanwhile, more and more people have been spending time with their home audio systems and wanting to upgrade. It's because of this intersection that The Sound Organisation has decided to launch Sound Org TV.

Sound Org TV sets out to bring the designers and manufacturers of some of the UK's finest audio brands closer to North American audio lovers. Between interviews with the companies, product announcements, and chats with our retailer partners, The Sound Organisation sets out to pull the curtain back on the hi-fi industry and rekindle everyone's love of great music.

Watch the first episode of Sound Org TV here:

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