ProAc DB1 Loudspeaker | NEW

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Aug 7th 2018

Originally Published March 16, 2016

New to the lineup, ProAc DB1 debuts in the US.

The ProAc DB1 is the latest addition to the venerable Response range of speakers.


ProAc DB1 bookshelf speaker

Replacing the old D1 model, the ProAc DB1 is a new bookshelf speaker design featuring a revised woofer and new larger tweeter. It over small size makes it a perfect for tight spaces where sound quality is important. With clarity and pin-point imaging, the new ProAc DB1 is sure to delight with its insightful sound. Available for order today in standard and optional finishes. $3200 per pair in standard finishes of cherry, black and mahogany. $3600 in optional finishes of ebony and rosewood.

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  • two-way bookshelf loudspeaker
  • bitumen-dampened MDF cabinet
  • 25 mm (1”) silk dome tweeter
  • 130mm (5”) mikapulp long throw woofer with acrylic phase plug
  • 35Hz-30kHz frequency response
  • 8 ohm nominal impedance
  • 87.5dB sensitivity
  • 20 watt min, 100 watt max continuous
  • 8.8kg (19.6 lbs) per side
  • 320mm (12.5”) H, 182mm (7.3”) W, 280mm (11.2”) D
  • Standard Finishes: cherry, black ash, mahogany
  • Optional Finishes: ebony, rosewood (upcharge) 
  • Special Order Finish: silk white
  • Download the latest ProAc Price List.