Raves for ProAc K6 speakers

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 15th 2018

Originally Published August 3, 2017

Ever wondered what the big boys from ProAc sound like? The Speaker Shack gives the epic ProAc K6 loudspeakers a test drive.


Years of driver development, massive old school 'red-meat' cabinet work, and an unparalleled ear for crossover design come together in Stewart Tyler's K-series reference range of loudspeakers. "K", of course, is for Kevlar. Used in the bass drivers to spectacular results, ProAc landed on this material after experimenting with countless others, including carbon fiber. None offered the combination clarity, power, and dynamics of Kevlar. In K6, these are mated with a custom 2" soft dome midrange and hand-built ribbon tweeter, resulting in a speaker capable of vivid tonal and timbral color, tight extended response, spectacular imaging, and real-life scale and power.

ProAc K6 are $24,000 US Retail. Find a ProAc dealer near you.

Keep reading for excerpts from the review.


“Setting up the ProAc K6s is an easy task as they are so room friendly even in my relatively small listening space. The port is located at the base of each speaker and with its plinth it gives the K6s flexibility to just be put down and start listening straight away... with some minor adjustments a few inches here and there to get the balance more or less spot on, this allows for the imaging and soundstage to start to present themselves in a manner that I have only heard from a select few speakers. This is an area that they really do excel at and one that ProAc has been a master of for many years... This manages to give a nice wide but deep sound stage with such precise separation of instruments and vocals. The results are staggeringly good with such cohesion between the drivers that they sound more like a pair of ESL panels rather than traditional transducers, this is partly down to the excellent ribbon tweeter that really does sound rather special, well when in the hands of Stewart Tyler who has achieved incredible results with these K6s.”


“Phil Collins vocals take centre stage while the beat of the track is around him building up to the brilliant percussion which sounds incredible with the drums producing a powerful sound and the K6 bass drivers really do punch out loud but with precision. The speed of the bass and the dynamics produced on this track are captured perfectly with great transients, the Kevlar and Polymer weaved bass drivers are just so fast and produce an enormous amount of energy which is harnessed into a punchy yet refined powerful sound... the music is all perfectly balanced with the bass being so taught and sounding so right. There is so much air around the instruments with great separation. I have heard this track on lesser systems and it can err on the brighter side of neutral but with the K6s the music is just balanced so well, that this is not the case instead you have a brilliant sounding pair of speakers which reproduce this music with precision and accuracy and sounding perfectly natural.”


“The K6s present it in all its glory with shifts in tone sounding so natural, and the guitar solo having such a palpable feel with every string that is struck... I also have to give a lot of praise to the ProAc K6s as they make this song sound so natural with crisp vocals and a melodic sound that sweeps you away with such ease again just forgetting that you are trying to be critical about a speaker's performance but instead pulling you into the music. I suppose this could be seen as one of the most flattering points of the K6s in that they make you forget about how good they should be sounding, when they actually do sound so good that Rumer could easily be singing this in my very room when I close my eyes. ”


“I am completely blown away by the performance that the ProAc K6 speakers manage to give in my room and it is a pleasure listening to them whether it be with streaming music or CD or vinyl but the better the source the better the sound, they are a very revealing speaker but can also be kind to lesser performing equipment but they deserve good up stream material as they will return you with a sound which is completely reference in terms of sound quality.”

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