Rega Demo Event at Audio Concepts in Dallas - February 10th

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 26th 2024

We wanted to let folks know that we'll be co-hosting an event alongside our friends at Audio Concepts in Dallas, TX to show off the new Rega Naia Turntable and Aya loudspeakers. The event will be held on Saturday, February 10th from 10am to 12pm CST. If you're in the DFW area and would like the opportunity to to learn more about the these amazing new audio products and listen to them yourself, then RSVP with Audio Concepts by calling 214-360-9520. 

About the Rega Naia Turntable

The Rega Naia turntable is the result of years of painstaking development which was used to create the now famous 'Naiad' test bed turntable. The Naia takes the best of this development and technology and transfers it into a production ready version without compromise. The Naia is packed with ground-breaking features, materials and technology developed by Rega over many years to reach new levels of vinyl replay.

The Naia takes Rega's pioneering low-mass/high-rigidity plinth technology to the next level by using a Graphene impregnated carbon fiber skeletal plinth with Tancast 8 foam core. This ultra rigid structure is then strengthened further using two ceramic aluminum oxide braces, the same material used to create the redesigned, resonance controlled ceramic platter with improved flywheel effect and complex profile.

About the Rega AYA Loudspeakers

Developed over ten years by a team of Rega designers headed up by founder Roy Gandy, the AYA loudspeakers promise to deliver a detailed, balanced performance no matter which genre of music you decide to play. Using Rega designed, handmade drivers, coupled with Rega's ZRR high-frequency tweeter and a new crossover, Rega engineers have fine-tuned every aspect to deliver the best possible performance. The sculptured cabinets and stand create an attractive, floating effect which adds to the unique appearance.

Housed in a unique, UK manufactured cabinet moulded from GRC, (glass reinforced cement) the glass fibers that make up the construction reduce the weight whilst increasing the structural integrity of this 2.5 way band pass design. This technique creates the perfect loudspeaker enclosure that enhances performance whilst offering exceptional value for money. Thanks to the combination of the new enclosure and drive unit configuration, the AYA loudspeakers deliver a tight accurate bass response and the Rega signature midrange and detailed highs.

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