Stereophile Reviews BP-17³ with DAC and Phono

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 29th 2019

Larry Greenhill of Stereophile reviewed the BP-17³ back in May of 2018, saying, "Among new, high-value, line-level preamplifiers, the BP-17³ is a welcome find." In fact, Greenhill was so surprised by the amazing sound produced by the BP-17³, he forgot that the base model didn't feature a phono stage. Greenhill enjoyed the quality, but didn't get the chance to fully explore the possibilities of the Bryston's preamplifier.

After his review last year, Mr. Greenhill sent his model into Bryston to have the DAC and Phono modules factory installed. When ordering a BP-17³, you have the opportunity to select purchasing the base model, with the DAC installed, with a MM phono installed, or with both a DAC and phono stage installed. Now with the full functionality of the BP-17³, Greenhill was able to offer readers a full picture of the preamp's performance.


Of the DAC, Greenhill remarks, "The BP-17³'s DAC upgrade grabbed my attention from the get-go. I was surprised by its slam, snappy transient response, and transparency." Touching on the phono stage's performance, he states, "The phono module reproduced the rich orchestral timbres, silky strings, intense and driving rhythms, and wide, deep soundstages."

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