Rega io Wins Hi-Fi Choice Group Test

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 6th 2023

The Rega io Amplifier is Hi-Fi Choice’s Grouptest winnerThe Rega io amplifier is a sibling of the more premium Rega Brio amplifier. Though it is only half of what the larger, more premium am … read more

Rega Announces new Elex MK4 Integrated Amplifier

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 7th 2022

The Rega Elex and its iterations have long served the audio community as powerful and precise integrated amplifiers. The Elex-R won many awards, including What Hi-Fi's Amplifier of the Year five … read more

Headfonics Reviews Chord Electronics Anni

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 20th 2022

The Chord Electronics Qutest System was expanded earlier this year with the much-anticipated Anni Integrated Amplifier. The Anni joins its line mates the Huei phono stage and the Qutest DAC, com … read more