The Chord Electronics BerTTi Amplifier

Posted by The Sound Org on Dec 20th 2023

Chord Electronics is known for their design, quality, and innovation. The BerTTi Amplifier is the latest example of those traits that Chord Electronics are known for. The BerTTi falls in the middle of … read more

Redesigned & Reimagined: The Chord Ultima 6

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 9th 2023

A redesigned Chord Electronic’s Ultima 6 has arrived. Chord’s latest iteration of the amplifier features a redesigned power supply, output transistors, and circuit layout. It’s all housed in … read more

Chord Anni: A Small Giant

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 8th 2023

Among one of the first companies in the hi-fi world to take Bluetooth seriously, Chord Electronics ushered in a new space in the market for those wanting portability without compromising quality. One … read more

The Chord Ultima 5: Best of the Best

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 7th 2023

The Chord Ultima 5 is a premium stereo amplifier that spares no details. If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further. As a prominent powerhouse in digital audio products, Cho … read more

Triple Threat: The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 2nd 2023

The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 is one of the best combo systems on the market. Combining DAC, preamp, and headphone amplifying capabilities making this machine desirable for almost all hi-fi … read more