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Hi-Fi World Finds Aphelion 2 Cartridge "Outstanding"

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 25th 2021

A world-leader in turntable design, Rega pours their soul into every product they create. Their moving coil cartridges are no different. On the top of their cartridge line is the new … read more

The Rega io is The Ear's Best Buy

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 9th 2020

Rega's newest integrated amplifier is the  io. While it may be Rega's smallest amp, it certainly offers the performance and presence that have made the larger Rega amplifiers popular. The ne … read more

Coming Soon: Rega Aphelion 2

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 8th 2020

We mentioned in  our coverage of the Bristol Hi-Fi show that Rega was introducing a series of new products for 2020. Among those products is a new upgraded version of Rega's reference Moving … read more