The Path to Luxury Vinyl: The Rega Planar 8

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 18th 2024

Perhaps the biggest name is Hi-Fi turntables, the lineup of Rega turntables is packed full of premium offerings. Inspired by the ultra premium and elusive Rega Naiad, the Planar 8 is here to … read more

Revisiting the Rega Planar 2

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 3rd 2024

The Rega Planar 2 has taken the concept of a minimalist, but high quality turn table and unleashed it across the world of hi-fi. This easy to use turntable has become a favorite for those wa … read more

Premium Pairing: The Rega Naia & Aura Phono Stage

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 9th 2024

AV Forums recently reviewed the Rega Naia and the Aura Phonostage. These two powerhouses are designed like no others and produce incredible sound. This reviewer decided to configure a s … read more

The 50th Anniversary Rega Planar 3

Posted by The Sound Org on Jul 31st 2023

A look at the 50th Anniversary Rega Planar 3 Turntable. What Hi-Fi published their official review of the iconic turntable that only seems to get better with time. Coming in at $1,695, the Rega P … read more