The All New Rega Nd3 Cartridge

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 25th 2024

Rega’s newest moving magnet cartridge aka the Nd3 features new design with distinct elements. What does this new cartridge have to offer for less than $200? Let’s find out!

For over a decade, audio brands like Audio-Technica, Nagaoka, and Goldring really dominated the entry level market of hi-fi. The issue is that it seems as time passes, there is no innovation in the area of cartridges. Enter Rega and their new Nd3.

This all new cartridge will produce 5-6mV of output with a requirement of 1.75 grams of tracking force. Rega has designed this new cartridge with an all new “generator geometry” that aims for perfect symmetry and accurate channel balance.

Magnets are commonly used in cartridges and are present in the Nd, however in true Rega fashion- there’s a twist. The Nd3 is the first moving magnet to a utilize Neodymium N55 Magnet, thus the name is derived: “Nd3.” The advantage of using this magnet is the extra power that is produced compared to regular magnets.

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