The Chord Electronic's ULTIMA INTEGRATED Hits the Market

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 11th 2024

The all new ULTIMA INTEGRATED from Chord Electronics is in full swing production. This comes just after it was announced last year in Munich at HIGH END. It’s set to hit the retailer market in 54 countries, bringing the tech and quality to the hands of many consumers.

The ULTIMA INTEGRATED comes just 5 years after Chord introduced the ULTIMA which at the time was the most technologically advanced system designed by Chord. Over the past few years, Chord has slowly implemented parts of this design into its other offerings like the ULTIMA INTEGRATED.

The ULTIMA INTEGRATED is a 125-watt amplifier that was created by John Franks (Chord’s owner and chief engineer). Familiar comments are found here such as the dual-feed-foward error-correction topology as well as the unmistakably Chord design language. It will come with 4 inputs as well as an AV bypass input and a balanced preamp output for connecting to other power amps.

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