The PowerHAUS P6

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 2nd 2024

Your hi-fi setup will ever constantly evolve as time passes. Anytime there’s a chance of boosting performance by making subtle additions is an opportunity worth exploring. Chord Company’s PowerHAUS P6 power block is a way to do just that.

Power line conditioners have long been used by audiophiles to protect their equipment and controlling the power that their setup receives. These can range from low to high in price, but remain an essential part of a hi-fi setup. Enter the Chord Company’s PowerHAUS P6.

The P6 takes cues from Chord Company’s almost 40 years of experience in wiring and engineering. Its sole purpose is to reduce noise while driving performance improvements. The P6 comes after the M6 and S6 from 2022. The P6 also features Chord Company’s ARAY noise reduction system.

The PowerHAUS P6 is available now. Check out the full review here