Rega Advanced EBLT Drive Belt


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Rega's new Advanced EBLT Drive belt is suitable for all Rega Turntables and offers noticeable improvement.

Rega is pleased to announce that all of the current Planar range of turntable models will now be factory fitted with the very latest Rega Advanced EBLT drive belt as standard. Originally reserved for the high end models, Rega has invested heavily in new tooling and R&D to allow us to manufacture higher quantities. The good news is this new Advanced EBLT drive belt is now available to purchase as an upgrade over the previous drive belt from any Rega dealer.

Each belt is molded on Rega's highly accurate custom tooling using a unique secret blend. Once molded, the belts are cryogenically frozen and barreled to remove any excess flash in order to create perfect cross sectional roundness which is critical for accurate speed and stability. In normal use and conditions, the lifespan of the EBLT drive belt is 50% longer than the previous model.

The new EBLT belts allow for a notable reduction in weighted peak Wow / Flutter measurements produced by the increased accuracy and cross sectional roundness of the EBLT belt. The standard belt measures 0.253% / the Advanced EBLT measures 0.162% and the Reference EBLT measures 0.075%

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