Arcam rPhono | HiFi Choice May 2017

Arcam rPhono shows off its stagecraft in this new review from HiFi Choice magazine.

 Arcam has been a leader in digital audio technology for decades now, but its true roots are in good old-fashioned analog amplifier design. So, with the reemergence of vinyl, Arcam has set their inestimable skills at designing a new phono preamplifier called rPhono. Part of the rSeries of add-on HiFi widgets and gadgets, it would be to underestimate the performance of any of these pieces. But under the hood lay many Arcam tricks, including multiple highly regulated power supplies, 4-layer circuit boards, aluminum casework and critical dampening- just like a tradition Arcam HiFi component! The rPhono is quite handy, too. Adjustable gain, capacitance, and resistance make it a great partner for moving magnet, moving iron, and moving coil of ANY variety. $599 US retail price. Find an Arcam retailer near you.

Keep reading for excerpts from the HiFi Choice review and a download in its entirety.

rPhono Lifestyle
Just being slickly made and versatile phono stage isn’t good enough in this market - the Arcam has to do well sonically too and so it does, giving a very good account of itself. Its nature is pretty much as I expect from the Cambridgeshire-based audio specialist- it is clean, crisp, tonally smooth with a good smattering of detail, and very low noise too.

Rear Panel View of Arcam rPhono gives an impressively wide and deep soundstage, locating instruments in the mix purposefully. There’s no vagueness to image location, instead this new black box shows a certain rigour in this respect. Such precision extends to the tonality, where it proves very even with no lumpiness in the bass, mid, or treble apparent.
Overall this is an excellent, affordable phono stage offering brilliant build quality and finish, fine functionality and really impressive sound at the price. What’s not to like?