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Fyne Audio Introduces Latest Special Production Speaker, F500SP

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 11th 2021

Fyne Audio's Special Production series have gotten a lot of attention over the past couple years. The SP series offers the speakers of of the  F500 series an upgrade with components used in … read more

Chord Electronics Introduces Anni Amplifier

Posted by Chord Electronics on Sep 21st 2021

Chord Electronics offers ULTIMA technology in its first ever small desktop amplifierThe new Anni brings ULTIMA tech to today's high-performance headphones and compact loudspeakers Kent, UK, 21st … read more

SoundOrg TV Episode 7: Phillip Swift and Mike Picanza of Spendor

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 15th 2021

In the seventh episode of SoundOrg TV, Steve Daniels talks with Phillip Swift and Mike Picanza of Spendor. Spendor is a long and storied company, and it has made some big changes to its product lin … read more

Planar 10 Reviewed in The Absolute Sound + Roy Gandy Interview!

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 13th 2021

When it comes to turntables, it's hard to beat Rega Research. At every price point, Rega has a turntable that can outplay nearly any of its competitors. For many price points $5,000 and a … read more

Hi-Fi+ Reviews ProAc's New K1 Speakers

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 13th 2021

Early in 2020, before all the shutdowns and delays, ProAc Loudspeakers announced two new speakers to their reference-level K Series: The K10 tower speaker and K1 standmount speaker. … read more

Spendor Classic 4/5 Gets Round of Applause from Stereonet

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 10th 2021

In recent years, storied loudspeaker company Spendor has shifted their speaker designs to fit the modern design and appearance with their A-Line and D-Line speakers. However, there are ma … read more

SoundOrg TV Episode 6: Jeff Dorgay of Tone Publications

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Aug 12th 2021

In the sixth episode of SoundOrg TV, we move away from talking from the legends and heads of today's biggest brands in audio to take a look at the publishing and reviewing side of the hi-fi industr … read more

Five Stars for Fyne F701 Standmounters

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Aug 6th 2021

For the uninitiated, "Fyne Audio" may sound like a distinctly silly pun on an otherwise unknown audio brand. However, for those who have been reading audio reviews the past few years or have had th … read more

[PRESS RELEASE] The Chord Company Launches GroundARAY

Posted by The Chord Company on Jul 16th 2021

Major new ARAY technology breakthrough heralds the launch of the GroundARAY familyFour years in development, Chord Co.'s proprietary ARAY noise-reduction tech is now available for all devices 14th J … read more