Hi-Fi News Takes the Chord Mojo 2 to the Lab

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Aug 29th 2022

Chord Electronics has leaned heavily into the Mobile Audio world in the past decade. As our listening habits shift to fit our new life, superior quality audio can't always be tethered to a multi … read more

Hi-Fi Choice Spotlights Chord C-Jack Cable

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 25th 2022

Chord Company's entry-level C Series of cables are the perfect upgrade for any who have been using included cables or non-audio cabling. The C series offers a massive improvement in sound qu … read more

Headfonics Reviews Chord Electronics Anni

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 20th 2022

The Chord Electronics Qutest System was expanded earlier this year with the much-anticipated Anni Integrated Amplifier. The Anni joins its line mates the Huei phono stage and the Qutest DAC, com … read more