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News & Information

High Marks for Shawline X Speaker Cable

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 10th 2019

The  Shawline X Speaker Cable is the improved iteration of the much-lauded Rumour X speaker cable, and it is quickly gaining respect its older counterpart has long enjoyed. Like the Rum … read more

Get Acquainted with the Bryston BP17³

Posted by Gary Dayton on May 10th 2019

How much thought have you put into your pre-amp? Though we delicately choose our turntables, cartridges, amplifiers, and speakers, we often neglect the pre-amp despite how vit … read more

Future Perfect: Kii Three Review in Hi Fi Choice

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 29th 2019

Kii Audio's Kii Three active speaker system continues to dominate the pages of Hi Fi magazines across the industry. The brainchild of Bruno Putzeys, these modern marvels use an impressive amou … read more

How To Set-Up Your Bryston SP4

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 26th 2019

The Bryston SP4 Home Theater Processor is one of the most impressive pieces of technology available for your home. The SP4 allows you to connect to 16 different analog speakers and subs, while … read more

Bryston's BDP-3: An Introduction

Posted by Gary Dayton on Apr 17th 2019

How do you play your digital audio files? While we love listening to our vinyl, the ease of creating playlists and instantly access different artists and albums makes digital audio a great source. … read more