Arcam SoloMovie 2.1 is a real winner

After awarding SoloMusic a 5 Star rating, What HiFi? magazine finds the Arcam SoloMovie 2.1 equally up to the task.

Arcam SoloMovie 2.1 is the perfect mix of a high performance sound system with stunning BluRay playback, all in one good looking wrapper. With Class G amplification and high rez audio capabilities, the SoloMovie 2.1 is exactly what you'd expect from Arcam, delivering crisp lively sound. The Bluetooth connection, WiFi, and BD/DVD/CD player combined with HDMI switching make it perfect for bedrooms and home offices where sound quality is important and a TV is a necessity. Controllable with your iPhone or iPad using Arcam's MusicLife app, you'll easily queue up your favorite tunes from Tidal or relax with a good movie. Systems integrators will appreciate how easy it is to install, even with complex home automation systems like Control4 and Crestron.

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Spielberg’s The BFG looks appealingly bright and clean, the live-action sequences crisp and detailed enough to appreciate the film’s excellent production.

The picture doesn’t jump when the giant goes over hills, there’s texture to patchwork quilts and mountainous landscapes, and with bat-like talents the Arcam proves perceptive in night scenes and when we enter the giant’s dark lair.

Clarity and sharpness levels are easily on par with those of a decent standalone player – not just with Blu-ray playback but during the upscaling of DVDs too.
Not forgetting the Arcam’s sonic responsibilities, we turn our attention to the film’s John Williams’ score and our positive impression is instantly confirmed.

The orchestra’s string section climaxes with apparent ease, with power or authority in copious supply.

That’s partly down to the Solo Movie 2.1 being blessed with Class G amplification, which essentially switches between multiple power supplies to deliver a lot of output (needed for a big, powerful sound) without wasting electricity as heat, or causing distortion.
We choose Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik album and the Solo Movie 2.1’s even balance and naturally compelling combination of power, size and insight comes to the fore in the eponymous track.

There’s thrust to the opening drumbeat, impetus behind John Frusciante’s electric riffs, and clarity to Anthony Keidis’ penetrating vocals.
The well-equipped Solo Movie 2.1 makes the original 2008 iteration seem only partly furnished, not only by adding Blu-ray support, but by also including more connections than the standard household could probably make use of at one time.
The application of Arcam’s ‘bringing music and movies to life’ maxim may be intended across the brand’s expansive portfolio of AV and hi-fi kit, but it also singularly pertains to the Solo Movie 2.1.