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Arcam SR250 stereo receiver
Arcam SR250 stereo receiver

The Arcam SR250 stereo receiver is a bit of a game changer. Old school charm and sound quality meets new school design and functionality. This beast of a stereo receiver features Class G amplification, HDMI 2.0a and Dirac Room Correction. All for just $3600. HiFi Choices gives it a well deserved 5 Star rating. Find a Retailer to experience Arcam.

Arcam SR250 stereo receiver
Excerpts from the review:

You don’t need umpteen speakers; even in stereo your cinematic experience can be dramatically enhanced. Arcam’s new FMJ SR250 2.0 receiver has been designed expressly for this purpose.
...the Arcam is more than this. Uniquely for a two-channel product, it also contains a powerful room correction algorithm, one that is far more effective and less invasive than any I have previously tried. It is highly sophisticated, so takes half an hour or so to set up, but this done it works like a champ.
...the Arcam SR250 stereo review is a clean, crisp and open-sounding device. Don’t think that this means that it is sterile though, because the great thing about this receiver – and the ampli er that it’s descended from – is that it combines a wonderful sense of openness and detail with a natural musicality that makes listening a very involving experience.
When I switch Dirac Live on, there is a quite profound change to the sound. I’ve heard many ‘room correction’ systems and normally I sit listening to the sound of heavy, ham- sted DSP that solves some problems while introducing others. Not so here though; regardless of source it works a treat.
Arcam’s FMJ SR250 is a genuinely innovative product, quite unlike anything else around. It’s a dream solution for stereophiles who love watching movies too, and don’t want to drown in a sea of cables. It’s also brilliant for those with rooms with highly imperfect acoustics, as it’s able to tune your speakers to your room in a far more powerful way than the usual... Dirac on or off, it sounds superb for its price and has a welter of handy facilities, from decent- sounding DAB radio to a fine built-in DAC. It’s one of the company’s best products for years, and so comes heartily recommended.