Acoustic Energy | Press Update

Head on over to The Ear for the full write up and to see the other winners, but if you can’t wait that long, here are a couple of quotes…

“This speaker rocks and the impact of drums and other instruments is explosive thanks to its dynamic capabilities.”

“Recommended and not only for performance, they are a steal.”

 AE109 pictured in Walnut & Black ($1,095/pair)

AE109 pictured in Walnut & Black ($1,095/pair)


AE1 Active ($1,995/pair)

We continued our outstanding run of UK press reviews with the AE109 being awarded “5 Globes” and a for value by HiFi World magazine. Their conclusion follows every other review, great sound and great value for money…

“These AE109 floorstanders are exactly what good budget hi-fi should be. Exciting with rock and pop, authoritative with classical and sparkling with everything in-between. You can pay a good deal more and get a great deal less for your money.”