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HiFi+ magazine listens to DALI Epicon 8 and finds sound "luxuriant".

The largest and most opulently built DALI. This speaker represents years of research and development in driver technologies. The DALI Epicon 8 makes use of SMC magnets which dramatically lower distortions. These innovative drivers are fitted to immaculately built cabinets. Finished with no less than 10 coats of lacquer, each polished to a glowing shine. It has amazing dynamics and agile bass to match its size and looks. All while giving a rare glimpse at musical details usually hidden. This speaker sparkles. $19,995 US retail price. Find a Dealer near you to experience DALI.

DALI Epicon 8 reference loudspeaker
DALI Epicon 8 reference loudspeaker

Excerpts from the review by Jason Kennedy:

...the kick drum on this track is awesome – as powerful, deep and substantial as any I have heard – and big bass drivers are hard to beat...

The Epicon 8 has a generous bottom end. It’s not overblown or thick despite a rear firing port, but warm and rich with the ability to deliver oodles of timbre where the instruments and voices warrant it. This is also an uncannily smooth and clean speaker.

So the aim of audio hardware should be to add as little as possible, and with SMC alongside the other refinements in the Epicon 8, DALI has made a big step in that direction. The benefit of this is an ease and resolution that is rare even in speakers at this price; it’s revealing in an effortless fashion, which makes for a very addictive listening experience.

The Epicon 8 pulls details out of recordings like rabbits out of a hat, and things that you didn’t know were there become apparent.

You don’t have to play great recordings to enjoy this speaker; just play great music and you’ll soon be having fun.

This speaker does the important job of bringing the concert alive in your living room with panache. It has the ability to produce decent SPLs, yet remains calm and composed, which is more than can be said of this particular audience when things got going.

The DALI Epicon 8 is a remarkable loudspeaker. Its warmth comes from the absence of grain across the board, and the capabilities of two decent size bass drivers. The fact that it worked in a narrow room proves that although the bass can be fulsome, it is also perfectly controlled. The mid and top ice the cake with a relaxed transparency that anyone will enjoy if they have a source and amplification that is at least clean. I really like the way that there is so little sense of strain; in this respect the Epicon 8 is easily on a par with the best at the price. DALI may not have the sort of boutique brand profile of the most revered speakers in high-end audio, but the company’s scale means that it can produce a genuinely high-end speaker at a far more sensible price than smaller operations. The Epicon 8 is a winner, no doubt about it.

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