DALI Rubicon 8 speaker: REVIEW | The Ear

The Ear magazine winds up the volume on DALI Rubicon 8. 

Power and grace in one beautiful package. Three wood fiber woofers and DALI's unique hybrid tweeters. SMC magnetics and hand built crossovers. The perfect blend at every corner. Made in Denmark to ensure the finest quality. Hearing the DALI Rubicon 8 is believing what's possible. $7995 US retail. Find a Retailer near you to experience DALI.

DALI Rubicon 8 loudspeaker
DALI Rubicon 8 loudspeaker

Excerpts from the review:

Acoustic instruments have a natural tone that is very easy on the ear and I keep winding up the volume, which is rare, I normally turn the volume down because of the bass. This DALI’s bass is tight and controlled.

The Rubicon 8 might be a physically big speaker for most rooms, but the sound quality is big too. You won’t get this performance from a monitor, no matter how good it is. This Rubicon serves drama, power and reality. The low end is well balanced with the midrange and the high frequencies, and a large sound field is placed away from the listener, which seems entirely natural.

...this larger than life quality is very suitable for piano, which is reproduced really well. Big, bold and tonally correct.

The sound escapes the loudspeakers to create a strong stereo image. The way that the three bass units provide a stable platform for all the other instruments to build on helps to further improve the realism of the music.

I can honestly say that the Rubicon 8 places no restrictions on classical music. The sound is fluid on the ear and provides good insight into the orchestra, which is well spread out before the listener. Bass reaches deep with full power when it’s asked for. Violins and cellos are lively and present, not too strong in presentation nor sharp on the ear. It’s very enjoyable and entertaining, keeping you alert to absorb every part of the composition.

I could listen to the system for hours without getting tired or bored. Besides the loudspeakers look good and fit into a living room, so what else can you ask for? If you have the space for the Rubicon 8 and you are willing to invest in suitable electronics, you might struggle to find another speaker that better these DALIs.

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