Rega Planar One Plus | The Most Plug & Play Turntable Ever

The Planar 1 Plus turntable.

 Simply hook up your table to some active speaker (or a line level RCA input)

Simply hook up your table to some active speaker (or a line level RCA input)


We asked ourselves, how do we make the most successful turntable better, be even easier to use and be more accessible to a wider reach? 

The Planar One Plus $595

The answer was simple; Engineers added a custom designed, high quality, moving magnet phono stage based apon the multi-award winning Fono Mini.

For the Planar 1 Plus, we wanted to optimize this circuit for ultimate performance so we have removed the USB interface.

The new built in stage offers the ability to connect the Planar 1 Plus directly to almost any system that has a standard line input via a regular phono to phono cable (A set of cables does come supplied but for enhanced performance we have had great results with the Chord C line $75 or Clearway $160). To plug into a pair of Active Speakers.

The Planar 1 Plus benefits from all of the advantages of its sibling, the Planar 1, such as a low noise 24v motor, precision hub bearing assembly and hand-made RB110 tonearm with a factory fitted Rega Carbon cartridge. Set-up remains possible in under 30 seconds making this the easiest to use, and most flexible Rega turntable to date.


The Planar 1 Plus is available in gloss black and gloss white finishes.

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Rear View Rega Planar 1 Phono Stage