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News & Information Reviews the Rega Planar 8

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 30th 2019

The Planar 8 is the culmination of Rega's turntable technology, design and research all in one package. The combination of the RB800 tonearm, Apheta 2 cartridge, and Neo power supply take the uniqu … read more

The "Cooly Understated" Planar 6

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 13th 2019

The Rega Planar 6 has been a popular topic for many an audio reviewer. Though its only been around for a couple of years since it was introduced as a replacement for the RP6, the Planar 6 has ra … read more

Rega Planar 8 Impresses Analog Planet + Interview

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 7th 2019

Rega released its new Planar 8 in late 2018 to an excited audio world that couldn't wait to experience the turntable's performance. The Planar 8 is the direct successor to the RP8, but is more of a … read more

Planar 1 Plus - Reviews and Awards

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 22nd 2019

The Rega Planar 1 PLUS was introduced in 2018 to much fanfare and excitement. Rega Research, creator many of the best turntables on the market since the 1970's, surprised the audio world by creatin … read more

AVTech Media Awards Rega Planar 8 Best Turntable of 2018/19

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 9th 2019

Rega's Planar 8 has been getting a lot of press, and rightfully so! Recently AV Tech Media has named the Planar 8 the Best Turntable of 2018-2019. The AV Tech Media awards are selected by the … read more