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HiFi World gives the DALI Opticon 2 bookshelf speaker high marks, calling them "Amongst the Best" and "Keenly Priced"

Still small enough to go in tight places, the DALI Opticon 2 is voiced to make the most of tough situations. With its remarkable 6.5" SMC-magnet and wood-fibre cone woofer and large soft dome tweeter, this speaker has a lot of go for its size. 100% Danish-made is an absolute rarity at this price. Available is black, walnut and white. $1295 per pair, US Retail. Find a dealer near you to experience DALI.

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DALI Opticon 2 bookshelf speaker in walnut
DALI Opticon 2 bookshelf speaker in walnut

Excerpts from the review:

It looks distinctive and rather different to the average stand-mount - a quality confirmed by a quick rap on the cabinets which are substantial and well-damped. DALI uses its own Danish-based cabinet manufacturing for these, so perhaps thats not too surprising.

Mainly because they combine a rich midrange with a nicely judged treble that is neither too sharp or lacks anything in detail. The Opticon 2s also sound rather larger than their size would suggest - presenting a wide and expansive soundstage.

...the classical/modern fusion of David Chesky's 'Area 31' had presence and drama. The timpani parts especially rolled into the room with exceptional force.

Listening to Bruce Springsteen's 'Land of Hope and Dreams' from the 'Wrecking Ball' CD saw an excellent sense of timing, the leading eadge of the guitar notes having fine tonal quality.  

The two drive units are well integrated and the tweeter is especially sophisticated bringing a nice air and presence to female vocals. Sinead O'Connor's voice on 'Mandinka' was dripping with emotion and hung high and wide of the edges of the speaker. I've heard more expensive loudspeakers that fail to convey the drama of this track by striping it of its power. The Opticon 2s, however, handled it with aplomb.

...for their size and price they do everything extremely well.

...they will reward with a sumptuous sound the encourages long listening sessions.

If you are looking for a domestically-friendly stand-mount in the $1295 (US price inserted. -ed.) bracket then the DALI Opticon 2 should be at the head of your list. They combine superb build quality with excellent bass and treble and a surefooted sense of timing. There's absolutely nothing to dislike. 

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